Franchise Owners Head to Mexico

May 21, 2024

Last week some of our franchise owners joined us in Mexico for the Advantage Travel Partnership's Annual Conference, hosted by Palladium Hotels Group. It was a fantastic opportunity to network, hear from some amazing speakers and learn more about the beautiful Cosa Mujeres region. 

After arriving at the hotel, the first afternoon was spent exploring, meeting up with friends and colleagues old and new and enjoying the epic Welcome Party.

Day Two was spent hearing from a number of speakers at the Convention Centre, diving into the world of technology, marketing and more. After lunch it was time for a 'speed dating' session, meeting with a number of suppliers and sharing ideas and expertise. It was a great way of getting to know more about the suppliers we work with and what they can offer our customers. 

Day Three saw more speaker sessions touching on consumer trends, the future of travel, AI, customer insights, the quest for adventure and of course...

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We are giving away FREE Cruises in May

May 01, 2024

As a Travel Franchise Company then we know how passionate people are about seeing the world and those who chose to partner with us are no exception! Of course you get lots of opportunities for trips but this month we are guaranteeing you a FREE Cruise for two people on MSC Virtuosa! 

This is to celebrate our new partnership with CLIA. CLIA is a fantastic association which gives incredible training, support and advice on how best to make the most out of the lucrative cruising market. Our agents have already started to take advantage of this and we are now seeing that cruising is our seventh top selling holiday! 

The cruise market can seem very complicated due to the number of different ships, destinations, cabin types and lexicon but having a CLIA membership as well as the support from our head office team there is no need to shy away from selling cruise. PLUS if you have never been on a cruise, its harder to sell the experience and that is why we are giving away a FREE...

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What is Dynamic Packaging and why is it important?

Apr 01, 2024

In the world of travel today, there is no denying that customers are very savvy when it comes to shopping around for their holiday. With access to the world at their fingertips they can find holiday prices within seconds as well as being able to speak to multiple travel agents to find the best possible deal. Therefore now more than ever it is vital that our franchise owners have the tools to stay relevant in the market and in order to do this we have partnered with Advantage Holidays to be able to create dynamically packaged holidays. 

What is Dynamic Packaging?

Dynamic Packaging is when a travel agent will search the whole of the market and create a holiday by searching for each component of the holiday seperatley such as Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Car Hire etc. Once they have found the best price for each of these elements they then put the holiday together as a package and then add a margin on top. 

Why is it important?

In the current climate it is important to have...

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Do Travel Agents get to travel?

Mar 29, 2024

One of the biggest questions I get asked as a travel agent is 'Do you get to travel?' and the answer is always yes! Whether that is because of the great discounts you can get as an agent or because of the incredible FAM trips that you can get access to. 

What is a FAM Trip

FAM Trip is short for a Familiarisation Trip. This is where a tour operator or hotelier will offer you the chance to join them on a trip to one of their amazing destinations so that you can learn everything you need to know and get to visit some of the wonderful hotels in resort....the best thing is that these are FREE due to being sponsored by the supplier! 

As a travel franchise we have fantastic relationships with our suppliers meaning that we get access to some incredible FAM trip opportunities. Having these strong relationships is vital to getting the support and training needed to increase your knowledge to become the best possible travel agent you can be. 

FAM Trips 2024

So far we have...

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January is Over!

Jan 31, 2024

January has finally come to an end, for some it has felt like the longest month of the year, but not for us. It has flown by!

It has been an exciting month with lots of great developments to improve the offering we give to our franchise owners. We love listening to their feedback in order to understand the things we need to change in order to give them the tools needed to drive their business forward. 

So what have we been up to -

  • We launched our new website which allowed our franchise owners customers to book holidays online, allowing our franchise owners to earn commission from these bookings - a first for the travel franchise industry! 
  • We saw seven new agents join us and lots of enquiries from people wanting to start their own travel franchise.
  • We had our best month so far! January sales were fantastic and we saw lots of our franchise owners take advantage of this lucrative time of year. 
  • We launched our Travel Agent Academy meaning that people with no travel...
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What a fantastic week!

Jan 15, 2024

As a Travel Franchise we are always excited when our franchise owners are successful, after all the most important thing for us is support our franchise owners to achieve their goals and grow lucrative businesses. 

Last week our franchise owners saw some incredible results! 

  • Record breaking turnover
  • Record number of bookings made
  • Record breaking average booking values 
  • Record profit margins

Right now the travel industry is booming and customers are booking their dream holidays in order to give them something to look forward to. 

We have been on hand to support our franchise owners throughout the full week with late night calls, weekend meetings and regular WhatsApp messages to help them get as many bookings over the line as possible. 

January is known as 'Peaks' in the travel industry due to it being the busiest time of year for customers searching for holidays and right now its living up to its name! Here is to another fantastic week!

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The first travel franchise to offer a bookable website!

Jan 11, 2024

Today is a very exciting day!

Since launching in October 2023 our franchise owners kept saying to us how much they would love to have a website that customers could actually book holidays on...guess what, we listened and delivered! 

Listening to our franchise owners and taking on their feedback is vital to the success of our business as we know that without our franchise owners we cannot do what we do. So we started looking into making this possible so that they have all the tools they could need in order to help their customers and increase their earnings. 

With the help of Advantage Travel Partnership we worked on finding the perfect solution that would give a great customer experience as well as offering our travel agents everything they could need from a website. 



Today we are very proud to be launching these amazing tools for our existing travel franchise partners who have all shared in the joy and excitement of being able to share this with the...

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An Interview with our CEO

Jan 09, 2024

Jake recently caught up with Kidwells Business Solutions to discuss what we do at The Good Travel Franchise. Watch the full interview here!

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Celebrating Our Franchise Owners Success

Dec 13, 2023

Chanelle started her travel agent business with the support of The Good Travel Franchise back in October 2023 and has been flying since day one. She even managed to get her first booking as soon as she completed her training! 

The training that Chanelle completed consisted of 5 days of interactive training which covers off all the vital information you need in order to start your travel agent franchise. These include;

  • A day in the life of a travel agent 
  • Excellence in customer service 
  • Marketing strategies 
  • The customer journey 
  • Tour operator training 
  • System training 
  • Policies and Procedures of the travel industry 

After the training Chanelle said - "Training was a wonderful experience! Jake is a superstar and always on hand to help… an absolute pleasure to work with! Highly recommended!"

Within two months of completing her training Chanelle has already sold over £60,000 worth of holidays on a part time basis, even during the...

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How to select the right Travel Agent Franchise - The Ultimate Guide

Dec 11, 2023

Are you considering venturing into the travel industry as a business owner? The prospect of owning a travel agent franchise can be both exhilarating and daunting, so picking the right company to partner with is vital to your success. Navigating this competitive landscape needs a strategic approach, especially when searching for the right travel agent franchise that alights with your goals, values and needs.

In order to help you make sure you are on the right path, we have put together some key things to research and look out for when speaking to potential travel agent franchise partners. 

  1. Training & Support - Whether you are new to the world of travel or an experience travel agent you need to find out the level of training and support that you are given and not just at the start of your journey! Check to ensure you get full training when you start, along with a full support network to help you with any questions you have throughout your time with the business. Do they...
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