What is Dynamic Packaging and why is it important?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2024

In the world of travel today, there is no denying that customers are very savvy when it comes to shopping around for their holiday. With access to the world at their fingertips they can find holiday prices within seconds as well as being able to speak to multiple travel agents to find the best possible deal. Therefore now more than ever it is vital that our franchise owners have the tools to stay relevant in the market and in order to do this we have partnered with Advantage Holidays to be able to create dynamically packaged holidays. 

What is Dynamic Packaging?

Dynamic Packaging is when a travel agent will search the whole of the market and create a holiday by searching for each component of the holiday seperatley such as Hotels, Flights, Transfers, Car Hire etc. Once they have found the best price for each of these elements they then put the holiday together as a package and then add a margin on top. 

Why is it important?

In the current climate it is important to have the ability to dynamic package in order to stay competitive with online prices and other travel companies at the same time as being able to make a strong margin. 

Does it make prices more competitive?

On most occasions, yes! As you have access to search the whole market, including low cost carrier flights it ensures you can find the lowest price option for the customer. Of course there are times where this will not be the case but it does increase your chances of being able to close the sale with your client. 

 Is Dynamic Packaging more profitable?

This all depends on the type of holiday the customer is looking for but one thing to keep in mind is that you have the ability to set your own margins on the holiday. This puts you in more control of how much money you can make as a franchise owner! 

One thing to note though, price is not everything when it comes to selling holidays. Customer service is so important as no computer can replace a human when it comes to providing the customer with a personalised experience.

Are Dynamic Packaged holiday protected?

Dynamic Packaging is covered by the Package Travel Regulation in the UK and therefore to protect these holidays for yourself and the customer then this must be done with an ATOL license in place. Being part of a travel franchise like ours gives you access to this full protection along with giving you vital support to ensure the package you are building for your customer is right for you and them! 


In summary, dynamic packaging is a great tool to have so when joining a travel franchise make sure you are asking if they have an ATOL license to allow you to dynamic package. Of course this is just one of the tools we give you to help optimise your business, you also have access to 100s of suppliers who can build tailor made holidays for your customers along with the big name tour operators who have amazing pre-built packages for your customers to purchase! 


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