Are Travel Agent Franchises Profitable?

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2023

One of the main questions we get asked as a travel franchise is about how profitable the industry is and what the potential earnings are. While how much you can earn essentially comes down to how much work you put in we wouldn't be in the industry if we didn't believe that its a lucrative business to be in. 



How do I get paid?

One of the biggest myths of being a travel agent is that it costs more to book with a travel agent due to having to pay them to do the work. This is mostly untrue as it is not the customer that pays the travel agent for the work, the tour operators pay the travel agent commission for selling their products and services. These commission levels vary greatly from supplier to supplier but you will always have the help and support from your franchisors are the best ones for the customers and for your pockets. 


What is the average commission you can earn?

Based on our current data the average commission from holidays booked is around 10%, meaning that you will get around 10% of the total holiday cost from the tour operator as a thank you for booking the holiday with them. How much of this you get will then depend on the agreement you have with your travel franchise company. 



What are realistic earning potentials? 

This all depends on the amount of time you put into attracting customers, finding the best holiday for them and then retaining your customers via incredible customer service. Once again using our current data it is possible that working part time, you could easily earn £1000 per week in commissions and even more working full time in the industry. Depending on your financial goals your travel franchise company will give you support in building a cash flow/sales projections to ensure you hit your goals. 


While financial goals are important, joining a travel franchise gives you so much more than just a financial income. It helps give you flexibility and freedom. Meaning you can work from home, office or even a sun lounger! 

Whatever your goals are, your travel franchise company should be working with you to help create an action plan to make these goals a reality. 





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