How to select the right Travel Agent Franchise - The Ultimate Guide

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2023

Are you considering venturing into the travel industry as a business owner? The prospect of owning a travel agent franchise can be both exhilarating and daunting, so picking the right company to partner with is vital to your success. Navigating this competitive landscape needs a strategic approach, especially when searching for the right travel agent franchise that alights with your goals, values and needs.

In order to help you make sure you are on the right path, we have put together some key things to research and look out for when speaking to potential travel agent franchise partners. 

  1. Training & Support - Whether you are new to the world of travel or an experience travel agent you need to find out the level of training and support that you are given and not just at the start of your journey! Check to ensure you get full training when you start, along with a full support network to help you with any questions you have throughout your time with the business. Do they provide you with a dedicated point of contact that is always on hand whenever you need them? Do they train you and then just leave you to your own devices? Do they provide on-going training sessions to help develop and up skill you? Training should not just include things about the travel industry, it should also include marketing strategies, business planning, sales projections and other business related support. 
  2. Commercial Agreements - When picking a travel agent franchise partner you need to make sure you are getting the best commissions from the holidays that you are booking. While the travel agent franchise company may not be able to share the exact commission details they will be able to indicate what sort of commissions you can expect. Not all travel companies get the same commission levels from tour operators so make sure you are going with a company that gives you the best of the best. 
  3. Tour Operators - When doing your research, find out how many tour operators the travel agent franchise company partners with. There is a fine line with having too many and not having enough. Having too many tour operators to work with means that you cannot understand and be an expert in each an everyone whereas not having enough means you won't have the right tools to support your customers needs. 
  4. Understanding You - When speaking to a prospective travel agent franchise company listen to what they are mainly talking about. Are they focused on understanding you as a person, understanding your goals and ambitions and most importantly finding out the reason why you are looking to do this! If they are just focused on getting your money then this is a big red flag as its likely the support with be lacking once they have got you tied into a contract. 
  5. Cheapest Isn't Always Best - Pricing is a real mind field when it comes to the many travel agent franchise companies that are out there! You might be tempted to go with the cheapest company but this is again usually a red flag, if they are low cost then they probably do not have the support structure you need. On the other hand, the most expensive doesn't always mean 'the best' you might be overpaying for elements that you do not need. Be sure to speak to someone and ask questions about what is included in the franchise packages and think, do I need that...or is it just nice to have! 
  6. Company Values - This one is really important to me as an individual. Ask about their company values to see if they align with your own values. Think about what type of company you want to be associated with and ensure that there is synergy with them and yourself. 

In conclusion, the right travel agent franchise for you will reveal itself after you have done the full research. Take time before jumping into the first company you see or going with 'the best' just because they are the most expensive. 

At The Good Travel Franchise we are always more than happy to offer free advice about whether we are the right brand for you, we don't just take anyone's money. We want to make sure we are right for you and vice versa! Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation conversation about what we do and how we are different to other travel agent franchise companies. 


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