Do Travel Agents get to travel?

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2024

One of the biggest questions I get asked as a travel agent is 'Do you get to travel?' and the answer is always yes! Whether that is because of the great discounts you can get as an agent or because of the incredible FAM trips that you can get access to. 

What is a FAM Trip

FAM Trip is short for a Familiarisation Trip. This is where a tour operator or hotelier will offer you the chance to join them on a trip to one of their amazing destinations so that you can learn everything you need to know and get to visit some of the wonderful hotels in resort....the best thing is that these are FREE due to being sponsored by the supplier! 

As a travel franchise we have fantastic relationships with our suppliers meaning that we get access to some incredible FAM trip opportunities. Having these strong relationships is vital to getting the support and training needed to increase your knowledge to become the best possible travel agent you can be. 

FAM Trips 2024

So far we have secured some amazing trips for our franchise owners. We have agents heading to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Marbella. This is just the start, we have further opportunities coming up throughout the year and we cannot wait to see where our agents will get to travel to next.

Being part of a travel franchise team we work closely together and ensure that everyone benefits from agents going on these trips. Upon returning from these trips we ask our franchise owners to share their experience with everyone to help increase all our agents knowledge on the destination and hotels that they have visited. Working as one large team is one of the main reasons that being an agent with The Good Travel Franchise is such an amazing choice! 


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