Franchise Owners Head to Mexico

Uncategorized May 21, 2024

Last week some of our franchise owners joined us in Mexico for the Advantage Travel Partnership's Annual Conference, hosted by Palladium Hotels Group. It was a fantastic opportunity to network, hear from some amazing speakers and learn more about the beautiful Cosa Mujeres region. 

After arriving at the hotel, the first afternoon was spent exploring, meeting up with friends and colleagues old and new and enjoying the epic Welcome Party.

Day Two was spent hearing from a number of speakers at the Convention Centre, diving into the world of technology, marketing and more. After lunch it was time for a 'speed dating' session, meeting with a number of suppliers and sharing ideas and expertise. It was a great way of getting to know more about the suppliers we work with and what they can offer our customers. 

Day Three saw more speaker sessions touching on consumer trends, the future of travel, AI, customer insights, the quest for adventure and of course sustainability which was at the heart of the conference this year.

Advantage outlined their commitment to showcasing the social and economic purpose of the travel industry and making a positive difference to both the local communities and the environment during the conference. As such, they organised a range of philanthropic experiences for delegates to get involved with and support ‘giving back’ to local communities whilst creating a lasting impact on the destination. Our franchise owners joined Intrepid on the beach clean and really enjoyed taking part and making a difference. 

The conference drew to a close with a Farewell Fiesta, bringing to an end a truly fantastic few days in Mexico. 

We'd love for you to join us next year, or maybe even in October at the next Latitude Cruise Conference in Amsterdam. Join us today and we'll see you there!


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