We are giving away FREE Cruises in May

Uncategorized May 01, 2024

As a Travel Franchise Company then we know how passionate people are about seeing the world and those who chose to partner with us are no exception! Of course you get lots of opportunities for trips but this month we are guaranteeing you a FREE Cruise for two people on MSC Virtuosa! 

This is to celebrate our new partnership with CLIA. CLIA is a fantastic association which gives incredible training, support and advice on how best to make the most out of the lucrative cruising market. Our agents have already started to take advantage of this and we are now seeing that cruising is our seventh top selling holiday! 

The cruise market can seem very complicated due to the number of different ships, destinations, cabin types and lexicon but having a CLIA membership as well as the support from our head office team there is no need to shy away from selling cruise. PLUS if you have never been on a cruise, its harder to sell the experience and that is why we are giving away a FREE cruise to EVERYONE who joins our Gold Franchise Package during May 2024! 

Getting the chance to experience a cruise is priceless when it comes to being able to share this experience with your customers, it helps with your knowledge, confidence and gives you the chance to create some great marketing content! 

So what's stopping you? Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you start your own travel agent business working from home!  


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