Getting Ready for Summer Lates 2024

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2024

Summer 2024 is almost here which means that customers are starting to look for late deals and our franchise owners are getting ready for the increased amount of bookings! 

This year we have seen a different customer booking pattern. January is usually our busiest time of year with customers booking all types of holidays but most of them are for families looking for their summer holiday, but this year was slightly different. With the current economic climate customers have been waiting to see what happens with holiday prices and have waited to book holidays closer to departure. 

As a travel franchise organisation we have been busy preparing our franchise owners for the rush giving them hints and tips on the best way to help customers find deals, time management and how to close the sale during this time. 

With a lot of customers waiting to book their holiday until closer to departure we have seen a huge increase in the amount of enquiries coming through that are looking to travel in the next 12 weeks. This is great news for our franchise owners though as it means they will be paid commission sooner compared to when they book a holiday for a customer travelling in 12 months time. 

The Good Travel Franchise is here to support all of our franchise owners during this busy time with any support they need (even out of hours) to ensure that their business and customers are looked after and get the best possible service! 

If you were thinking about starting a travel franchise, now is a great time to do it due to customers booking late deals meaning you get paid sooner and will get a quicker return on your investment. 


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