Jargon Buster - PEAKS

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2024

There are a lot of jargon words and abbreviations used throughout the travel industry so its time to bust some of these throughout our blog. Today we start with 'PEAKS' 

PEAKS is the common name used throughout the travel industry for the busiest time of the year, some travel companies also call this 'Turn of Year' or 'TOY' due to the busiest time of year taking place when a new year starts. 

So when is 'Peaks' - The busiest time of the year for the travel industry is typically January - February but some companies also include March although this is a quieter month compared to the previous two. Its not just travel agents that benefit during this time of year, it benefits the whole of the travel industry (airlines, tour operators, hotels, car hire, travel insurance and so much more) 

Tour Operators often sell around 40% of all their holiday 'stock' during the peak period, meaning that travel agents also achieve approx 40% of their annual sales during these months alone! It really is a pivotal time for the whole travel industry. 

Keep you eyes on our blog for more jargon busting throughout the year!


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